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Tea party: an albatross around the GOP's neck

In 1789 there was a great divide in the new American nation: Alexander Hamilton feared the tyranny of an uniformed majority, while Thomas Jefferson feared the tyranny of an elite minority. James Madison crafted the hybrid system that we have today as a compromise.

Yet it was never anticipated that we would have today's tyranny of an uniformed minority. That tyranny is the roughly 20 percent (87 out of 435) of the elected officials in Washington who are being allowed to create this drama that threatens to bring the whole world to the brink of collapse, including those who call themselves Republicans.

The Republicans have allowed this uninformed minority to get us into this situation by accepting every crazy idea they come up with just for the sake of having Republicans win national elections. Republicans can't win national elections without this wing of their party.

Knowledgeable Republicans have good arguments on many issues that are worth debating. But in order to elect officials who believe in these tenets, they have accepted the help of people with ideas that have nothing to do with rational discussion.

Mel Mintz, Pikesville

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