A pox on both their houses

When I was growing up and I had friends over to play, sometimes discussions and arguments were part of the activities. If the squabbling continued with no resolution in sight, my mother would usually intervene and suggest that my friends go home.

It sounds as if similar rationale should be used with Washington. So come election day, my suggestion is that we send all incumbents home — Republicans and Democrats.

Since it really does take two to tango, neither side is without blame, for as a wise person once told me, there are three sides to every story — my side, your side and the truth.

No matter what side of the aisle you sit on, let's remember those who have caused this debacle and vote in some fresh faces. I'm sure they will realize that if they don't "play nice" they too will find their stay in Washington short-lived.

Perhaps our current Congress should be considered "non-essential" government employees.

E. Paul White, Arbutus

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