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Leave Columbus Day alone

Must the Baltimore City Council join the liberal bandwagon on every issue?

The Baltimore City Council is making yet another attempt to sabotage an icon by eliminating the celebration of "Columbus Day" ("City Council moves to replace Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples and Italian-Americans Day," Nov. 24)

It's been a long tradition to celebrate Columbus day by many Italian Americans; does it really matter that good ol' Christopher may or may not have discovered the continent of North America?

Berkeley, Calif. eliminated the use of the name Columbus Day in 1992. I guess the hard core left want to stay in click with liberal Berkeley? The Baltimore City Council wants to follow suit. If the council wants to really ease the upset of what they contend are "indigenous" people, change Columbus Day to "Italian-American Day." that will do it.

I hate to mention it, however Christmas is coming, or is that "Winter Holiday"?

Roy Ruhe, Laurel

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