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Rep. Andy Harris and the Aurora massacre

Katie Medley is in the hospital, having joyously given birth to her first child, baby Hugo, while one floor away the new father, Caleb Medley, lies in an induced coma after being blasted by the heavily armed gunman who attacked a crowded theater in Aurora, Colo., last week.

While the shooter was stockpiling guns and ammunition, the Republican party and Maryland Rep. Andy Harris were right there fighting any attempt to limit his ability to buy thousands of rounds of ammo along with oversize magazines for his semiautomatic weapon. They also fought against any but the most ineffectual background check requirements.

Now the new family's tragedy is compounded by financial ruin, as the uninsured young dad is struck by a second blow: Medical bills of $2 million or more.

What are the Republicans ready to do for Katie and her husband? They'll vote — as they already have done 32 times so far — to kill the Affordable Care Act, and Dr. Harris will smile and line up right them.

Andy Harris and the Republicans have a little something for the new baby, too: The GOP debt limit showdown is estimated to have added $1.3 billion to the nation's deficit, and Republicans are ready to do it all over again this fall.

Put it on Hugo's tab. He's downstairs, waiting for his Daddy.

Rich Levy, Cambridge

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