Boycott Clippers if Sterling won't sell [Letter]

I have to say it is refreshing for someone in this country to finally call out racism when it happens and actually do something about it. I'm referring of course to the despicable owner of the L.A. Clippers, Donald Sterling, and the immediate and appropriate disciplinary action by NBA Commissioner Adam Silver ("Donald Sterling, tarnished," April 30). The mealy mouth right-wing politicians and their brain-dead followers will whine and pout, of course, but for once right triumphs over might and justice is served.

I notice, however, that the league does not have the legal authority to remove the team from the greasy hands of that despicable racist. While that may be a shame, there is an even better way to compel this troglodyte to sell his team. Until Donald Sterling removes himself from the NBA forever, no one should go to any Clippers game, anywhere. And no one should watch them play on television. Start boycotts of any company that advertises during their games. Make the L.A. Clippers worthless.

No billionaire, no matter how stupid or stubborn, is going to sit back and watch all their money disappear. It is, after all, the only thing they value. So hit 'em where it hurts and don't stop.

William Smith, Baltimore

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