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Why do liberals ignore Clinton's lies?

Why do liberals excuse Hillary Clinton's prevarications?

You may be right about Donald Trump ("Trump's inherent dishonesty," Sept. 19), but to say that Hillary Clinton is not a liar is preposterous. Forget the emails where she has changed her story at least five times, she declared that all her grandparents were immigrants but only one was. She lied about her being under fire on a trip to Bosnia. She and President Barack Obama lied repeatedly about Benghazi — not to mention she had an ambassador and three others killed and failed to try to help them.

Finally, and I quote, she told Scott Pelley, "I try not to lie." That says it all. She is a serial liar but I guess that is in the Liberal Code and OK for her and you but not for anyone else.

Lyle Rescott, Marriottsville

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