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Hogan must do more to address climate change

We must protect our communities and climate from further harm.

I was pleased to see Vinod Thomas acknowledge the huge costs of climate change both locally and globally ("The politics of confronting climate change," Sept. 13).

It's clear that we need to do much more to stop polluting our atmosphere and to protect our communities and climate from further harm.

Unfortunately, the Hogan administration seems more concerned with minimal, short-term economic costs than with the enormous long-term consequences of failing to act. Not only that, it is ignoring the short-term economic benefits that do exist.

Environment Maryland's new report, "Carbon Cutting Success Stories," shows that businesses, cities, and institutions across the region are saving money and capturing new opportunities by embracing clean energy. At the same time they're protecting our communities from global warming and improving our health.

There's much more that we can and must do. I'd like to see Gov. Larry Hogan double the strength of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative to reduce power plant pollution and accelerate our transition to 100 percent renewable energy.

We're proving every day that clean energy works. Now it's time for Governor Hogan to show that he is serious about meeting Maryland's goal of cutting pollution by doubling down on the progress we've already made.

Andrea Anderson, Baltimore

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