Why can't today's pols be more like the Founding Fathers?

Where has honor gone? The Founding Fathers knew what it meant to serve the people first, and with honor, not in hopes of financial kickbacks or political favors.

Yet in 2013 I am distraught by the lack of honor shown by our public servants. I think of Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz yelling at senior citizens in front of small schoolchildren. What a disturbing display of childish behavior.

Council members meeting last month stated they had to pass the storm water management fee or face budget cuts from the state. Thank you, Gov. Martin O'Malley, for signing an anti-bullying law after you bullied the Baltimore County Council into signing what you demanded to be signed.

Baltimore County Councilman Todd Huff was arrested for driving a county vehicle while drunk. And just how was he allowed the privilege of driving a county vehicle when he already had a DUI on his record?

Then we have Johnny Olszewski Sr. promising the sale of the North Point Government Center would be stopped if it lacked community support. The proposals are in, and they are not acceptable. Dundalk keeps hearing that the sale is a done deal.

Johnny, do you realize that they are saying that because people from your own community do not believe you? You can still do the right and honorable thing. Do you know where your honor is? Now would be a good time to find out because Dundalk is not for sale.

Juanita Bayer, Baltimore

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