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Charles Street water main break was a wake-up call for our infrastructure

Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake was spot-on in her assessment of Wednesday's water main break when she pleaded for more funds to support the area's aging infrastructure ("Water infrastructure becomes a priority," Nov. 8).

Unfortunately, scenarios like the flooding are along Charles Street are all too common. Many communities are struggling to solve their water woes, but federal funding for these systems has dwindled, creating a $29 billion gap that prevents municipalities from fixing their infrastructure.

Creating a consistent source of federal funding in the form of a trust fund would help municipalities upgrade and maintain their water systems without relying on the funding whims of Congress and the president. It would also create up to 750,000 new jobs and ensure that our drinking and wastewater systems adequately protect public health and the environment so nobody ever has to worry about the integrity or cost of their water.

It also beats having to trade in our cars for canoes.

Mitch Jones

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