New schools CEO needs to show some tough love [Letter]

Soft love doesn't belong in education, but it is often a motivator in allowing our youth to proceed in the system without achieving the required knowledge. Yes, love may be a motivator in allowing a student to "do a project" instead of qualifying, although such compromises also cover up the failure of the system to have the student qualify.

"Do a project instead of qualifying" is one of many examples of demand compromise which have spared some young people the hurt of a current failure while dooming them to future pain of inability to cope as adults.

We are blessed to have the fresh viewpoint of new Baltimore schools CEO Gregory Thornton as he targets the system's responsibility to increase the number of young people who can rely on their high school diploma as a reasonable credential for college or other success ("Many city students unready," Aug. 10).

I hope Mr. Thornton has mastered the tough love of education as well as that of administration so that we will see kids enjoying success and educators experiencing the pride of improved education efforts.

Dick Huffman, Timonium

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