Taxpayers should be outraged over city school employee's alleged crimes

It's time Maryland taxpayers expressed their outrage over the ongoing incompetence in the Baltimore City school system. Taxpayers fund a great deal of what is going on in Baltimore City, yet what are we getting in return?

A vibrant school system is essential to any community that wishes to be successful. The most recent debacle was the hiring of someone to counsel kids who had not been properly vetted by the school system before being allowed to interact with vulnerable young people ("City school system broke policy in hiring of Nowlin," Dec. 7).

His crimes, including an alleged rape in another jurisdiction, are inexcusable. What is also inexcusable is the salary paid to him with tax dollars and what may soon be hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage claims the victims could receive at taxpayer expense.

Marylanders should wake up and demand results for their investment. Our elected officials apparently don't give a damn because they think the only solution is to throw more of our tax dollars at the problem.

Mike Snyder, Havre De Grace

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