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Union tried to negotiate pension dispute but the mayor wasn't interested [Letter]

Regarding your recent editorial on Baltimore City pensions, contrary to wanting to battle instead of negotiate the issue of COLAs, the unions have been trying to negotiate from day one and even came up with comparable plans. It was the mayor who absolutely was not interested in negotiating — this was what she wanted, end of story ("End the city pension fight," Aug. 7).

Furthermore, Local 734 has pleaded every step of the way for the mayor to sit and negotiate to bring an end to this dispute outside of court, as it is a huge cost to union members. But the mayor has repeatedly denied this request.

If there is any doubt about this you can contact the unions directly for verification. I can understand the need to break a contract to fix problems, but if a contract is to be broken it should at least be done through a negotiated process.

Ken Stasko

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