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At CIA, illegal killing is fine, being a bad boss isn't [Letter]

Thanks for publishing the report that CIA officer Jonathan Bank was suspended because of his "management style" in the Iran operations division ("CIA official punished after probe finds he created hostile workplace," March 17).

More interesting, Mr. Bank was previously the station chief in Islamabad, Pakistan and "was pulled out" as his name was leaked to the media. Most interesting, "U.S. officials think Pakistan's intelligence service leaked the name in a dispute over CIA drone attacks in the country's tribal belt."

So the CIA officer is suspended for being a bad boss. But he was not censured for his role in the killer drone program. However, there is poetic justice that his identity was blown because of his involvement in this CIA assassination program.

Anyone involved in using unmanned aerial vehicles to kill Pakistani citizens should be prosecuted. Congress has not declared war against Pakistan; thus the use of killer drone strikes in that country is blatantly unconstitutional. Mr. Bank took an oath to uphold the Constitution, but it seems the CIA is above the law. The latest example is the alleged CIA spying on the Senate Intelligence Committee. It is time for Director John Brennan to resign and for Congress to conduct a serious investigation of this rogue agency.

Max Obuszewski, Baltimore

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