The value of a life

I was appalled to learn that Baltimore City showed such a lack of compassion to the family of Angel Chiwengo ("Family and friends gather for funeral of woman killed in police crash," Oct. 5).

No representative from the city bothered to show up at Ms. Chiwengo's funeral. And despite her absence, Mayor Rawlings-Blake was kind enough to interrupt her busy schedule and email The Sun about the tragic loss of life that occurred.

The mayor's perfunctory email and failure to appear at the funeral remind us how little our lives and safety matter to those in power.

I am more than certain that if a Baltimore City police officer had died during this pursuit, the city's elected officials, including Ms. Rawlings-Blake, all would have come to the funeral and properly honored the human life that was lost.

It is beyond shameful that neither the mayor nor any other official from Baltimore City came to pay Ms. Chiwengo that same respect.

Gregory Prush, Baltimore

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