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Archdiocese should focus on suffering kids in Baltimore [Letter]

It is heartening to hear Archbishop William E. Lori express so much concern for the mostly Catholic children arriving illegally by the tens of thousands from across our borders ("O'Malley seeks to house immigrant children in foster homes, not large centers," July 21).

Catholic charities and schools have always done a great deal for poor and disadvantaged children in Baltimore City.

However, I wonder how the archbishop justifies choosing to absorb this large new Central American population when thousands of poor, hungry and neglected children who are not Catholic live in similar conditions right here.

In many cases these are children whose births he refused to allow their mothers to postpone until they had some chance of feeding and nurturing them due to the church's inhumane birth control policies — which, incidentally, are ignored by as many as 85 percent of Catholic women.

Charity begins at home.

Judy Chernak, Pikesville

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