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Save the bay: Turn off the lights at the stadiums

I read with great interest Tom Horton's article Friday in The Sun ("Saving the bay on a budget," Nov. 18). As a kid who swam in the bay at Bay Ridge Mago Vista and Cottage Grove beaches I am always interested in keeping this body of water clean. Although I am not going to put up a clothesline because then I would have to iron my permanent-pressed pants and shirts. But that is another story.

We see all the adds from BGE about conserving energy, yet right across from their solar yard along I-395 are two of the biggest energy wasting places in town. I am talking about our two tax payer funded stadiums for millionaire owners. Every time, and I mean every time, I go past them, there are always lights on that should be turned off. Then I think the thousand or so lights on the parking lots are on all night long.

Why I ask? The Ravens stadium always has lights on over the ramps into the seats no mater what time of day it is. I am willing to bet that in one night they use more electricity than I use the entire year in my house. Can't someone turn off the lights? At my home I turn every light off that isn't needed and I have a very low budget billing. I sure don't want to give BGE one cent more than I have to.

Another item on the bay that I haven't been able to get an answer on is the wear of our tires. I guess we must have a million cars, and if the tire life is four years, we wear out about a million tires a year. All this black rubber goes in the bay. Proof is just how dirty snow becomes the day after it stops snowing. Has anyone addressed this issue? Couldn't tires be made to wear out slower?

Joe Heldmann, Catonsville

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