Charles Lamb, neighborhood benefactor [Letter]

I want to add a dimension about Charlie Lamb that did not appear in Jacques Kelly's obituary ("Charles E. Lamb, noted architect," Jan 9).

In addition to being a founder of the architectural firm RTKL, he was a founder and benefactor of the non-profit Neighborhood Design Center. A group of young architects in Baltimore gave birth to the NDC in 1968 in the wake of the riots following the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.

Since 1968, NDC has provided pro-bono design and planning services to more than 1,800 community initiatives that have helped neighborhoods reclaim vacant lots and abandoned structures, create community master plans that revitalized urban areas and beautify their neighborhoods.

Charlie helped sustain NDC during difficult financial times by raising funds from the design community. NDC continues to help communities after more than 45 years. We thank you, Charlie, for your legacy.

David F. Tufaro, Baltimore

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