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The wonderful legacy of Bernie Weisman

Thank you to Dan Rodricks for the article about Bernie Weisman and Charlesmead Pharmacy ("Bernie Weisman, the man who never had a bad day in 65 years," Jan. 13).

I smiled as I read the article — I had a warm heart and had tears in my eyes too. He was exactly as you said he was, a lovely, caring, giving man.

His wife, Marilyn, is an amazing woman, working at the pharmacy, continuing the kindness — the legacy of Bernie.

I love being a customer. The entire staff reflects who and what kind of man Bernie was; he created and ran a "one of a kind" old time pharmacy, soda fountain and all. I have missed him, those twinkling eyes and that wonderful smile, his caring.

Thank you again for remembering him and writing about him.

Jane Theodore, Baltimore

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