Kudos to Catholic Charities [Letter]

I'd like to commend William McCarthy Jr. and Catholic Charities for their offer of child appropriate un-used space at St. Vincent's Villa to help house some of the immigrant children who need a place to live and be cared for ("Catholic Charities seeks to house immigrant children in Baltimore County," July 17).

This is a large-scale humanitarian problem that needs this kind of creative thinking right now. I'm disappointed that elected leaders are not responding for comment or are hedging when responding. You are elected to lead, not be quiet, because you are afraid to show that you might be a caring human being.

I can only hope that the citizens of Baltimore County reject Del. Wade Kach in his bid for a County Council seat. I have to ask where is his compassion? These children need to be taken care of. They didn't create any of this. This is a reasonable solution for at least 50 of these children.

I hope that similar offers will be made around the country. If 60,000 children were the victims of a hurricane or earthquake in their native country, we'd be sending aid and doing telethons to raise money.

Mike Wicklein, Baltimore

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