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Catholic bishops overstep their authority [Letter]

Thanks for running the commentary by Jon O'Brien of Catholics for Choice ("Whose freedom are the bishops protecting?" June 19).

His view reflects that of most conscientious Catholics. Don't we have enough religious leaders around the world forcing their views on others?

The Catholic bishops not only wish to prevent Catholics from using contraceptives (which has become a lost cause by itself) but they hope to prevent access to birth control by those who profess other religions as well.

By fighting the availability of free contraceptives they also hope to deny women from having the method of birth control most appropriate for them, which may be cost prohibitive.

In my Catholic high school in the 1940s, I was taught that conscience was primary in all moral decisions. The Catholic bishops today hope to bypass those traditional teachings and use the law to promote their agenda. This is a grave abuse of power and a great disservice to the church.

Karline Tierney, Catonsville

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