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Dr. Ben Carson's speech was courageous

The Sun's editorial board commits the same sin they attribute to conservatives: selective editing of Dr. Ben Carson's speech and the reaction thereto ("The Carson Monologue" Feb 12). Did not Cal Thomas, a conservative icon, come out with a demand that Dr. Carson apologize to the president? The Sun piece made no mention. To quote from the great doctor's speech: "Enough said." Did not Dr. Carson himself establish that six doctors signed the Declaration of Independence? The Sun piece made no mention. Enough said. And in spite of that strong point made by Dr. Carson, The Sun still fell into the trap, lecturing him that a Nobel Prize winning progressive economist is the type of qualification needed. These same Nobel intellectual elites awarded Mr. Obama a peace prize before he even stepped into the Oval Office to give peace a chance. Enough said.

Why did conservatives (and surely many others) love Dr. Carson's speech? Perhaps it is because he was masterfully courageous (in addition to supporting time-tested truths). He had the courage to offend, with a soothing grace. A public-speaking expert I know once told me the art of criticism is to "step on someone's shoe without scuffing it." We saw that in beautiful display in Dr. Carson's example, and loved it. Enough said.

Mike Fromm

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