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Ben Carson's views on gay marriage are an insult to his colleagues and patients

Although a brilliant surgeon, Dr. Ben Carson must have realized he would also be judged by his views on gay marriage ("Hopkins chides Carson for gay-marriage remarks," April 6).

If he had kept them to himself, his thoughts would have remained his personal opinion, which everyone has a right to. But when someone famous for his medical skills publicly shares an opinion as vicious as his, he has crossed a line.

As someone who works with physicians and nurses whom Dr. Carson puts into the same category as criminals, I find his attitude cruel and unbecoming. I'm glad he isn't speaking at the Hopkins graduation. He is obviously someone who believes those different from him aren't worthy of the same rights he enjoys.

Has he forgotten that a short time ago — during his lifetime, in fact — interracial marriages were not only illegal but regarded as against God's plan? If Dr. Carson is so biblically inclined, does he also believe in slavery, which is also in the Bible?

I've lost respect for Dr. Carson on a personal level. He has shown just how biased he is in his heart, and he fails to realize that he has insulted not only those he works with but the patients he serves. His apology is worthless because he still feels the same way and is only trying to make amends because it's expected.

Lois Raimondi Munchel

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