Carson defenders and gay-bashing

I have to laugh when I read the letters defending Dr. Ben Carson for his viciously homophobic and bigoted comments comparing gay marriage to child abuse and bestiality ("Dr. Carson steps down as speaker at Hopkins graduation," April 11). I have to wonder how many of these same people would be stepping forward to defend the man if he had unleashed a tirade against anyone but homosexuals.

Let's say, for example, that it was a famous white doctor who, before he came to address Hopkins graduates, had said something like, "The Bible defines marriage as only between people of the same race. If we redefine marriage as including unions between blacks and whites, what's next, letting a man marry a monkey?"

Would the religious bigots still be rushing forward to defend that viewpoint? Or would people rightly conclude that anyone who's mind is so twisted by hate and racism has no place speaking at a college commencement, or anyplace else for that matter.

William Smith, Baltimore

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