Carroll commissioners should re-check what their Bibles say on immigration

Is there a special Carroll County edition of the Old Testament that has all 36 of the admonitions to treat immigrants kindly expurgated? It seems clear that the Carroll County commissioners aren't very familiar with the Scriptures, as they seem to be proud of their status as the chief immigrant baiters in this state which is apparently full of them. I'm far from reconciled from the ill treatment of immigrants' children in the recent referendum attempts to overturn the Maryland Dream Act. But at least no one so grossly flaunts the Good Book as an authority for their mean spirits. The irony apparently escapes them that they conclude their pre-meeting prayers asking for strength and courage "In Jesus' name" when the Savior Himself was an illegal immigrant at some point.

I hope I'm not the only Christian who is enraged by their gross misrepresentation of the values repeatedly taught in Scripture. It seems clear that they are using their Bibles and prayer for filthy political advantage while denying the teachings and power therein.

Paul R. Schlitz Jr., Baltimore

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