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Religious groups that oppose birth control don't have a monopoly on morality

Edwin F. O'Brien, leader of the Baltimore archdiocese, has revealed himself to be a cynical, misguided critic of the Obama administration ("Fight over birth control," Jan. 26). He says it's a pity that the sincere convictions of religious groups are disrespected in the United States. The real pity is that religions are allowed any influence on government policies at all.

To imply the U.S. is not a civilized nation is an insult to this great country. Perhaps the cardinal-designate would prefer to live somewhere like Afghanistan.

Many progressive states, especially in western Europe, are recognizing deity-worship for what it is — primitive, non-rational behavior. Church attendance has fallen precipitously there, and the religiosity polluting American politics is considered an anachronism.

Religious groups don't have a monopoly on morality; far from it. The Catholic Church's nonsensical opposition to the use of condoms makes it complicit in the deaths of millions of human beings, especially in regions where AIDS is epidemic.

Church leaders, from the pope on down, need to keep their opinions to themselves. Their time would be better spent cleaning their own house after the child sex abuse scandal.

John Kehl, Towson

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