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Cardin must drop support for more Iran sanctions [Letter]

IranIranian Nuclear TalksNuclear PolicyIranian Nuclear ProgramU.S. Congress

Thank you for your support for continuing negotiations in your July 17th "Keep talking with Iran" editorial. U.S. and Iranian negotiators agreed to continue the talks through late November due to the progress they have made already toward peacefully resolving the standoff over Iran's nuclear program. Diplomacy with Iran has already succeeded in keeping Iran further from a nuclear weapon and keeping the United States further from another war in the Middle East. The first-step nuclear deal signed last fall has helped take our countries off a path toward war and onto a path of engagement.

As your editorial pointed out, Minority Whip Steny Hoyer's leadership in helping to ensure that Congress plays a constructive role in the talks is admirable. So too is Sen. Barbara Mikulski's support for diplomacy, demonstrated by her joining nine other Senate committee chairs in opposing a push for renewed sanctions. I hope that Sen. Ben Cardin might reconsider his support for new sanctions, which risk scuttling the talks at this delicate juncture in the negotiations. The Friends Committee on National Legislation has more information on what can be done to seize this historic moment for diplomatic history at

Arthur Meyer Boyd, Baltimore

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IranIranian Nuclear TalksNuclear PolicyIranian Nuclear ProgramU.S. Congress
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