'Cap and dividend' serves the public interest [Letter]

Thank you for leading with the rebate in your carbon "Cap and dividend" editorial (Aug. 4). This feature will more than repay most Americans for price increases in traditional fuels and will incentivize investments in cleaner sources that maximize savings. Americans deserve to be compensated for health and damage costs resulting from pollution, whether heat-trapping carbon dioxide or other dangerous byproducts of our outdated energy system.

Since this legislation does not "serve the agenda" of special interests, you cynically underestimate its chances in Congress. Research shows market approaches can boost the economy, positions on global warming notwithstanding. By committing to revenue neutrality rather than new spending, Democrats have provided small-government conservatives an entry point. Republicans might counter with a more transparent carbon tax, much touted by conservative economists, as an alternative to regulation, permits and costly bureaucracy. Constituents must demand bipartisan support for carbon legislation, an agenda that serves the public interest.

Jeanne Brunson, South Setauket, N.Y.

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