City schools need better fiscal controls [Letter]

Regarding The Sun's recent editorial on the Baltimore City Public Schools $31 million shortfall, budgetary issues under any domain are very serious matters ("Seeing red over city schools budget," April 15). Whenever a group of decision makers without strong and practical fiscal skills are the ones being relied upon for providing oversight and control for making very difficult budgetary decisions, there will always be illogical responses. Why would any competent decision maker consider depleting their "rainy day fund" for resolving operational type issues, especially when that source of revenue is not adequately funded in the first place?

Hopefully, the incoming Chief Executive Officer has some strong and practical fiscal skills. If he is not able to address hard-core fiscal issues, there's going to be a continuation of very costly expenditures on the part of irresponsible individuals. He should also put into place very powerful controls in order to curb "problem" expenditures of public funds which is going to be a very unpopular but an absolutely necessary action. I wish him well in this endeavor.

Corinthia Armstrong-Ford, Baltimore

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