If Maryland raises taxes, will voters remember?

After reading The Sun's coverage of the General Assembly session's last day ("Time runs out in capital," April 10), I wonder what it will take for the Maryland voters to throw these over-spending and taxing-to-death politicians out of office.

According to The Sun, the last-minute budget agreement would have increased taxes for everyone earning over $100,000 and couples earning over $150,000 if the clock had not run out. Lawmakers also agreed to double the flush tax. Not one comment was made on spending cuts. No hiring freeze, no programs cut, no departments dropped and absolutely no belt-tightening by the bureaucrats.

And Maryland wage earners, if you think that you are safe because you are not in the increased tax bracket, just wait until after the 2014 election. Lawmakers hope (with prior years of proven history) that the electorate will forget their insane approach to balancing the budget.

Unlike wage earners and businesses, the Maryland legislature has a bottomless income resource to finance their projects. And that bottomless income resource is the Maryland taxpayer. So, if you like contributing to the legislators' pot of gold, just keep the same people in office that voted for this ridiculous spend and tax budget that will probably be approved soon enough in special session.

Ron Wirsing, Havre de Grace

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