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Brown just got my vote

I am not a big Martin O'Malley fan, so when Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown announced he would be running for governor I was hoping to see some credible candidates run against him.

Unfortunately, Maryland Attorney General Douglas F. Gansler — at least based on The Sun's recent articles — appears to be a very arrogant individual who feels he is above the law in regard to how he's used his state vehicle to speed or drive on the shoulder, etc. and doesn't want to accept responsibility for his lack of judgment.

The most recent story and photo of him at a Delaware teen bash once again illustrates his lack of judgment ("Gansler says breaking up teen party was not his job," Oct. 24). To quote the article, " I don't remember seeing anyone drinking." Hello? Check out the photo. Not only as an adult does he have a responsibility but also as an attorney general. Did he remove his son from the party? Apparently not.

Anyway, he has lost my vote. I'll be backing Mr. Brown and hope his policies differ somewhat from those of Mr. O'Malley.

John Schlaffer, Parkville

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