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Brown must face the music [Letter]

Anthony BrownElectionsExecutive Branch

To vote in November for Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown for governor of our state will likely mean MOTS (More Of The Same) from Annapolis.

Mr. Brown has proven that he is incapable of true leadership, as was learned firsthand with the botched Maryland health care program. Marylanders are still patiently waiting to hear what became of state taxpayers' $125 million invested in the health care implosion. Will Lieutenant Governor Brown come forth with details about why the health program was doomed and scuttled? Did he not head that program?

If Mr. Brown chooses to evade the debacle, it's a rather easy choice for Marylanders. Without attempting to sound too much like a cliche, there has to be more transparency and accountability from Annapolis.

If Mr. Brown heads into the fall without a thorough explanation of the failure of the health care program, I'm afraid he will seal his own political fate. I believe what Maryland voters want most from their leaders is straight, forthright talk about issues that affect us all.

Mr. Brown, face the music with full disclosure about the health care mess or lose face with the voters in Maryland. It truly is that simple.

Patrick R. Lynch, Nottingham

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Anthony BrownElectionsExecutive Branch
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