Brown misses the point [Letter]

I saw Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown's gubernatorial campaign ad in which he proudly states he has been mentoring an African-American youth ("Brown focuses on adoption in 4th TV ad," April 9).

But while his mentoring a young man is a wonderful thing and worthy of merit, I don't see how it applies to leading the state of Maryland.

Aren't there more pressing issues to address, such as where the $125 million of Maryland taxpayers' money was spent on the state's scuttled health care exchange?

Being totally transparent as to his failed health care initiative would easily trump his mentoring a youth in terms of political pertinence and priority.

If Mr. Brown doesn't have a grasp of what his platform should include, he has nothing on which to stand. What he owes Marylanders is complete, straightforward accountability.

Patrick R. Lynch, Nottingham

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