Media has gone too far in bombing details

I fervently believe in a free press, in media free to expose wrong-doing no matter whose. But dare I invoke the concept of limits?

From the moment of that horrific Boston marathon bombing, the incessant speculations and suppositions — all preceding any actual facts — began. I do understand that reporting necessarily requires filling space, but providing a veritable manual on building a more effective bomb (this was a relatively "unsophisticated" bomb and specifics on why) and CNN's detailed report of April 25 enumerating each mistake made (how the brothers "goofed" by wearing a cap backward or not wearing sunglasses made them more identifiable, how the cell phone seized from the hijacked vehicle was traceable, etc.), not only exceeded the obligation of the media to provide need-to-know information, but certainly aids and abets any would-be perpetrator to wreak death, mutilation and devastation on innocents anywhere.

What role do the media play in service of the public? Whose side are they on anyway?

Vivian D. Braun, Baltimore

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