Canceling the Blue Angels flyover is low on the list of outrages

In her column "An Annapolis tradition, grounded" (May 13) Susan Reimer laments the fact that the Blue Angels flyover at the graduation ceremonies for cadets was canceled, and she thinks Congress should be ashamed for cutting funds for such a trivial "carnival act."

Meanwhile, the Obama administration has apparently sicced the IRS on tea party groups for political reasons, the very groups who are fighting to keep such frivolous expenditures off the taxpayer's budget. It is bewildering that liberals continue to choose to attack budget cuts and to try to shame politicians who are looking after the taxpayer's pocketbook, but ignore acts that truly deserve being shamed, such as using the IRS for political reasons. No, Congress shouldn't be ashamed; liberals like Ms. Reimer should be ashamed.

Fred Pasek, Frederick

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