Blaze and my g-string caper

How in 1962 could a lowly fraternity pledge acquire Blaze Starr's g-string?

While pledging a fraternity at George Washington University in 1962, I was among several recruits sent on a trip to Baltimore and Towson to bring back some tawdry items. I was responsible for going to the 2 O'Clock Club on the famous "Block" in Baltimore to acquire two g-strings from the famous stripper, Blaze Starr ("Blaze Starr and me," June 19). I had never been to Baltimore before so I was quite apprehensive about the Block as well as the mission.

Blaze could not have been any nicer. She not only gave me two of her "articles of clothing" but also signed them made out to "My friend Lance." My next mission — getting the two items also signed by the wife of the president of the small sleepy teacher's college in Towson. Not only did the president's wife comply by signing both of the items, but she felt honored to be included in this mission, even though one of the stuffy dean's wives she was hosting at the time passed out from the shock.

In her later years before Blaze left for West Virginia, my wife and I would spend some time with her at the Carrolltowne Mall at her custom-made jewelry kiosk chatting about her career and especially her years on the Block. She was truly a lady and a legend in a real tawdry business.

Lance Berkowitz, Boynton Beach, FL

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