BGE gas-bill surcharge is just a money grab

I see that BGE wants a monthly surcharge ("BGE asks for monthly gas-bill surcharge," Aug. 2).

It is just another reason why I can't wait to retire and move out of this state — and why so many people already have. Just check out the traffic on I-83 headed to Pennsylvania during rush hour.

The surcharge is just another money grab. BGE is in business to make a profit. Part of making a profit is re-investing in your company's pipes, wires and such. Any company re-invests in order to keep making money.

But here in the so called "Free State" the cost of doing business is deferred to the public. I don't think McDonald's owners would stay in business very long if they decided to put a surcharge on each food item to pay for a planned remodeling job for the business they own.

While I am on the subject: All I hear is that natural gas prices are way down, yet my gas bill doesn't go down even though I use the same (or fewer) cubic feet of gas per month. Now that I think of it, wasn't there a surcharge put on our bill sometime back during the winter to cover the increase in gas prices paid by BG&E? I think I had better check my undecipherable bills from back then to see if that surcharge is still there. I am betting it is.

Guy Keith Salomon, Gwynn Oak

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