Without lights, running water or plumbing

I live in the Phoenix area of Baltimore County and we didn't get power back in our homes until Sept. 2. I understand that power has to be restored to hospitals, nursing homes, emergency treatment centers and other places of critical importance. But BGE should have given more priority to the homes that depend on well water. When the electricity is out, well pumps do not function, leaving our homes without running water and plumbing as well as power.

I prepared for the storm by filling pots and bathtubs with water, but it wasn't enough to carry us through six full days without power. I had to buy water in gallon jugs (when I could find it) just to flush the toilets.

It's should be easy enough for BGE to find out which areas are dependent on wells. We're not asking for top priority, but we should we get some extra consideration about getting our power back before areas that are serviced by public water supplies.

Joy Stepcich, Phoenix

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