Constellation-Exelon merger an extension of Md.'s failed energy policy

The article in Tuesday's paper pertaining to the Constellation-Exelon merger ("PSC should be skeptical of Constellation-Exelon merger," June 28) is the exact reason why nearly two years ago I filed a lawsuit against the Maryland Public Service Commission concerning the merger of Constellation with the French company, EDF. The lawsuit is now on appeal in the Court of Special Appeals.

We can go back to at least 1992 to point out the exploitation of the customers of BGE — just look at the high rates and poor service which the customers experience. Moreover, the morally bankrupt General Assembly, the Maryland Public Service Commission, and the governors in office during this time period have been the agents for aiding and abetting this exploitation. In my opinion, the merger of Constellation with Exelon will only serve to exacerbate the situation.

The real solution for getting better utility service at a more reasonable price for customers of BGE is the election of politicians who are ethical instead of expedient.

Ralph Jaffe, Baltimore County

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