Who wins with BGE city conduit deal?

The consumer is left out in the BGE city conduit deal.

I had to read the article "BGE settles lawsuit with Baltimore, plans to seek rate hike" (Dec. 1) several time to believe it. Last year the mayor proposed tripling the rate BGE pays for using city underground conduits to $3.33 per foot. BGE files suit to get the price lower. The settlement lowered the rate to $2.20 a foot. Oh, happiness all around.

BGE pays less to the city ($2 initially, then $2.20 vs. $3.33 per foot), and a BGE spokesman states that the company would need "substantially less money now." The happiness level raises again to new heights.

Then, hand in hand and smiling, Baltimore and BGE will go to the Maryland Public Service commission to "advocate for any resulting electric rate hike for customers."

Basically this raises our monthly rates. So Baltimore City gets more money, BGE raises our rates to pay for the money to Baltimore, and where does that leave us, the consumers?

BGE spokesman Justin Mulch stated at the end of the article "This is a win for BGE's customers and for the city." Oh happy, happy! Feel any better now?

Stas Chrzanowski, Canton

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