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BGE customers will pay the full bill

I am at a loss to understand the subhead, "Customers likely to foot part of the cleanup costs," on the recent article regarding Baltimore Gas and Electric power restoration after the hurricane ("BGE's Irene bill: $81 million," Sept. 22).

Customers will, of course, foot all of the costs. How can it be any different? Every penny that BGE and all utilities and businesses and every area of government spend anywhere comes from us, as consumers and taxpayers. Doesn't everyone understand that?

If the statement were true, who would be paying the other part? Presumably, we are meant to think that BGE would be paying the other part — but as all BGE's revenue comes from its customers, they are the ones who are paying.

Please understand I am not saying that these statements are lies. I am just putting the facts forward that we pay for everything, one way or another, through our utility payments or our taxes or our purchases. Every single penny that is spent anywhere for anything comes from us.

David A. Liddle.

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