Kamenetz lowballs Sparrows Point [Letter]

Before Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz cites figures of past employment in his county, he needs to check the facts. Sparrows Point, under the operation of the Bethlehem Steel Company, had at last 55,000 employees in the steel mill and shipyard after World War II and close to that during the war. My memory is from my writing about Sparrows Point for The Sunpaper. I came on board at the end of the fighting in Europe. Mr. Kamenetz was quoted as "25,000 at its peak" ("Stake in Sparrows Point could be sold to local group," July 10). He is way, way off.

There was a two or three year period after the war when the Sparrows Point steel mill produced 9 million tons of steel annually and was recognized as the world's largest mill in the world.

Helen Delich Bentley, Timonium

The writer served as a member of Congress from 1985-1995 and was a long-time maritime reporter for The Sun.

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