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On Benghazi, The Sun cheerleads for the cover-up [Letter]

One can always tell when there is a particularly damaging issue or incident entangling President Barack Obama and/or his administration because The Sun goes to the defense with a disingenuous editorial ("The latest Benghazi attack," May 6) or front page attacks on those who seek a truthful accounting.

The latest debate isn't about the Obama administration failing to hand over one memo, as your editorial states. The memo is but a smoking gun of the long suspected cover up of a deliberate misinformation account (which made no sense from the beginning) by the administration to maintain false presidential claims of success over terrorism. There may certainly be more such memos, and everyone knows it. And the memo clearly was not "talking points about Middle East protests," as Jay Carney and the administration has tried to spin and as The Sun is far too eager to second. In the days of Watergate The Sun cried long and loud about political cover up. Rather than supporting open investigation, The Sun now says, as your May 6th editorial said and as Hilary Clinton said about Benghazi, "But so what?"

J. Shawn Alcarese, Towson

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