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No justice in Benghazi scandal [Letter]

Buried on page 8 of the May 2 edition of The Sun is Kathleen Hennessey's article on the aftermath of the four murders at Benghazi and the lies that had to be told so as not to interfere with the re-election of President Barack Obama ("GOP continues to lambaste Obama over Benghazi email").

How many people went to jail, how many people were fired, how many people even got a stern talking-to over this? But as the lady so eloquently said, "What difference does it make?" The world was waiting for an American response to this tragedy but received nothing but silence, as usual.

Most of the stupid people who were involved in Watergate went to jail, and President Richard Nixon resigned because he lied about it. If everyone involved in the Benghazi scandal went to jail or resigned, Washington would have an entirely new look and the jails would be full.

Norman Wolfe, Pikesville

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