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Sun ignores Benghazi blockbuster [Letter]

One must wonder then what happened this past week when The Sun ran a front-page story about the racial comments made by Clippers owner Donald Sterling but made no mention of the stunning disclosure of the September 14, 2012 email from White House aide Ben Rhodes. That email played a central role in preparing former UN Ambassador Susan Rice for the appearance on TV in which she wrongly blamed the killing of four Americans in Benghazi, Libya, on protests over an Internet video rather than on terrorist attacks, no doubt motivated by the upcoming November presidential election.

Moreover The Sun was not alone. The story appeared in only one major newspaper, USA Today, and not on any TV networks other than Fox News!

The lack of any coverage of this new information on the Benghazi story only reinforces the impression of bias by the press not to report any story that might reflect poorly on President Barack Obama.

And if the press believes criticism of President Obama is in anyway racially motivated, I suggest they look at the ground swelling support for our own Dr. Benjamin Carson to run for president in 2016.

Benedict Frederick Jr., Pasadena

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