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We need all the facts regarding Benghazi [Letter]

A recent letter regarding last year's Benghazi incident misses several significant, essential points ("Investigate Benghazi and move on," May 11).

Several committees in Congress have been attempting to investigate the Benghazi massacre almost since the brutal terrorist attack occurred. The obfuscation and sandbagging by the current administration has hindered and delayed any meaningful progress on attempts to find out the facts of the actual attack.

The appointment of a select committee, voted on by the House of Representatives, is necessary to determine all the pertinent facts about the horrific act and to hold those responsible for it to account. To date this has not happened.

It took a lawsuit to force the Obama administration to provide an email which suggests a political cover-up rather than the actual truth abouat that night in Benghazi. Are there more facts and documents that the select committee might uncover?

It is indeed necessary for the Democrats to participate in the investigation by the select committee. It is not, as House Minority Leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi claimed, a "kangaroo court." Nor is it a witch hunt. It is the responsibility of a select committee to find the facts and present them to the American people.

Better late than never. This nation is noted for not leaving our wounded and dead behind. Until all the pertinent facts on the attack in Benghazi are known, the four brave Americans, including an ambassador, unfortunately have been left behind.

Fletcher R. Hall, Ruxton

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