Bring back Natty Boh

Two words that hold so many pleasant memories.

On a warm summer night in the ballpark, while our birds played a game made for kids, a call used to go up from the beer man walking among the tightly packed crowd. The call was two simple words asking if anyone would like a cold one ("Natty Boh beer not being sold at Camden Yards, future uncertain," April 18).

Those two words that have a lot of meaning in Baltimore, because they conjure wonderful memories of good times and pleasant living — memories of family gathering in the backyard, picking crabs blanketed with Old Bay.

Memories of sitting around the fire on a weekend camping trip with good friends. Of celebrating the win after a rec league game. Of swimming in the Atlantic on a hot summer day, or fishing on the Chesapeake Bay as the sun rises above the shore.

But no longer will those two words be heard at Camden Yards, because Oriole Park has heard Natty Boh's last call. Please don't let it end this way. Bring Natty Boh back to the Yard.

Timothy Stewart

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