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Four Seasons builder: We had nothing to do with CBF's exclusion from the Bay Bridge run [Letter]

The comments from Rich Shannahan that you ran on November 16, "Excluding Bay Foundation is outrageous" were outrageously inaccurate. K. Hovnanian Homes played no role whatsoever in the Chesapeake Bay Foundation being excluded as a sponsor of the Bay Run by race organizers. We learned about the issue when it was reported in The Sun.

K. Hovnanian would never object to any organization participating in a fundraising event that supports the bay, even if it opposes our Four Seasons community. We hope the Bay Run organizers and CBF come to a win-win solution for both groups. And we hope people get the facts straight before they make such false accusations.

Patrick McNeally, Landover

The writer is vice president of K. Hovnanian Homes.

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