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Balto. Co. rezoning is flawed game

In her commentary, "Don't sign it" (Oct. 18), Ruth Goldstein notes that the Baltimore County zoning process is a game. She points out that "Mr. [Howard] Brown and Mr. [David] Cordish got outplayed by other developers." She is absolutely right. What she doesn't pause to realize is that both sides are playing a game where the Baltimore County Council is the stand-in referee.

As a citizen of Baltimore County, District 2, I do not want rezoning to be a game. It should be a process. Jujitsu is an ancient Japanese "art" or "technique" that represents the manipulating of the opponent's force against himself rather than confronting it with one's own force. If riding the financial coattails of a developer is what it takes to have the entire process reevaluated, so be it.

Timothy Naylor

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