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How could the county schools waste millions and nobody knew?

There's something very wrong about the Baltimore County school system's spending $5 million on textbooks and a curriculum that were hardly used and are already outdated. ("Officials question millions spent on Balto. Co. texts and curriculum," Nov. 12).

Donald Mohler, chief of staff for County Executive Kevin Kamenetz, said that "it appears to be questionable that this was a wise expenditure."

What an understatement. The expenditure looks even more nonsensical when you consider that funds going to the classrooms were reduced and 200 teaching positions were cut.

School board president Lawrence Schmidt says the board didn't learn the details of the millions wasted until he read about it in The Sun. Isn't it the board's duty to oversee expenditures and curriculum malfunctions?

The six staff members who have been in charge of curriculum should be transferred out of the Greenwood offices. Superintendent Joe A. Hairston should be called on the carpet and chastised and investigated by the school board, the state legislature and the county executive.

David Boyd, White Hall

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