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Baltimore International students need help

Students at Baltimore International College are being thrown under the bus. The school is closing, and as of August 31, it will not be considered an accredited college. Students must now find another college to continue their education.

Most students like myself have already purchased books for a semester that was supposed to start July 11. Those who depended on work study are now unemployed. We also now face new college application fees and charges for other documents we may need.

We were even charged a graduation fee, so now what? We have spent time and money to get back and forth to school and that was a waste. The staff at the school is just passing the buck. We ought to be financially compensated for the hardship we're facing, perhaps $500-$1,000 that might help us find new opportunities.

We were told education opens doors, yet we got the door slammed in our face. In these difficult times, people need something positive in their lives to keep them from getting into trouble. We need a hand, not fake promises.

Melinda Williams, Baltimore

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